Blessings in the Storm

Every year on the eve or Ivor’s birthday I take time to write in his “life-book”, its a on-line journal in which I have the privilege to update his birth mother on his past year should she decide to log in to see pictures and updates.  It’s something I look forward to reflecting on each birthday.  Ivor was born in the month of November, which is National Adoption Awareness month.  He was born on the same day (unbeknownst to us at the time) that his older biological brother was being permanently placed in his forever family in the same courtroom Ivor would be placed in our forever family 3 months later.  All this happening 3 days before our adoption paperwork would have expired after a long wait for placement.  Is this all coincidence?  I chose to think not, why am I continually awed by the timing of our Lord.  He listens, he hears, he has a plan, and he takes every situation and turns it into something beyond our imagination, and in His timing. To Him be the glory.

Although Ivor has continued to thrive, as I reflect on the past year not every day has been one to celebrate for our family in fact it’s really been full of uncertainties and hardship.  I spent the first part of the year in and out of surgery, our oldest son was seriously ill most of the summer and spent some time in ICU.  Our daughter experienced life changing experiences on a mission trip to Jamaica in which her heart broke for what breaks His.  Our lives continue to not be what we always envisioned it would – we struggle, we suffer, we watch others struggle and suffer while we remain helpless, we are not perfect, we make mistakes, we all do.  Through it all one thing remains constant and certain – the Lord will use all circumstances for His glory.  He will overcome, He will win and we get to reap the benefits of that.  We could have missed the blessings through each and every struggle this past year, we could have missed the blessing of dear friends who brought joy when we were sick, we could have missed the blessings of the “Geek Squad” at Children’s Hospital, I would have missed the glimpse of Jesus in the hospital chapel.  Our daughter could have been frozen in fear and missed the connection she made overseas. I am again reminded that if we would not have followed the call of our Lord when we decided to say yes to adoption we could have missed the biggest blessing imaginable.  Out of every mishap, every uncertainty, every illness, and sadness, every mistake beyond our comprehension at the time; the Lord will overcome and He will be brought glory.

As we look ahead to the final couple months of 2017 we are thankful, thankful to be on this side of the struggles, thankful that we have the opportunity to sit as a family and watch Ivor blow out his three candles.  I am thankful that I have the privilege to write an update to Mary and hopefully reinforce the decision she made three years ago today when she chose us to raise her son.  I am thankful for adoption, thankful for adoption awareness month and the many people who have decided to support The James Project.

To Him be the glory, in His timing.


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