Eligibility for Grants:

  • US citizens living in Minnesota
  • Christian couple married for a minimum of 3 years between the ages of 30 and 50
  • Must have a completed home study
  • Must be in the process of using a placement agency (501(C)3 agency licensed to place children)
  • Applications can be submitted prior to placement, and if funds are available you will be informed of the amount of money set aside for your adoption and you will receive payment at placement.
  • We will accept applications for up to 6 months after placement but no money will be awarded after one year post placement.


Applications completed with integrity include:  ALL 7 portions of the application must be received by The James Project prior to quarterly deadlines.

Deadlines are May 31, August 31, November 30, and February 28

      1. Completed application form – click for application, print and send in with the following
      2. A copy of your family’s profile book (either hard copy or digital)
      3. A copy of your completed home study
      4. A copy of your completed background check if not part of your home study
      5. Written reference from your pastor
      6. 3 personal references
      7. A written essay including your motivation for adoption and your faith story by both the husband and the wife

Apply for a Grant:

  • Click for Grant Application
  • Grants are awarded quarterly based on available funds.
  • Deadlines are May 31, August 31, November 30, and February 28
  • Your application is complete after you successfully submit your application and ALL references and documents are submitted.
  • The application date is the day your completed application is received by the James Project.
  • If a portion of your application is not complete you will be moved to the next deadline until it is received.
    Processing the application takes a minimum of 90 days after the deadline and you will receive notification of the outcome by mail.  We do not assist families adopting independently.  All applications are welcome from adoptive parents living in the state of Minnesota but due to limited funding, we cannot award grants to all qualified applicants.