Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day has me thinking…

It has always been a day to honor my dear sweet Mom and my beloved Grandmothers.  In recent years it has been a day to receive precious hand-made cards and gifts from my children.  It is a day when families join together; when the priority is to spend time with one another.  The past two years have added another dimension to the holiday and today is again bittersweet.  I can’t help but think about my son’s birth mom:  I wonder where she is, how she spent her day, how I would love to wrap her in my arms and thank her for choosing life and choosing me to spend Mother’s Day with her son as mine.  In my heart I do believe that it was God’s intent that every child be raised by the Mother who gave him or her life, but we live in a fallen world where adoption can be His answer to our tragedy.  It is my prayer today that Mary Grace, the beautiful woman who gave life to Ivor, feel a love so strong it can only come from our Father in Heaven.  I pray she feels a peace in knowing that her son is loved beyond measure by myself and many others.  I pray that the Lord give me answers to hard questions that may come from Ivor in years ahead, and I pray that I never take for granted what a privilege it is to raise Mary’s son as my own.  It is with a grateful heart that I wish Mary a Happy Mother’s Day today.

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