First Day

I’ve never thought of myself as a writer, much like I had never thought of myself as an adoptive mother either. After over a year of planning, preparation, paperwork, and prayer, today marked the beginning of “The James Project.” I spent the majority of my day glued to my computer watching my Facebook page blow up while my dear baby boy played peek-a-boo at my feet. Oh, it’s so wonderful isn’t it, to get caught up in all the pats on the back and “way to go” comments about how wonderful our family is for adopting a child in need… Well, tonight it is with a very humble heart that I lay all those praises down at the feet of our Lord. I really am no writer, but rather a character in a story He is writing, I am not my own, but His, and it is for Him that we offer up The James Project. I am excited (and kinda crazy at the moment), with anticipation of what His plans are for our project and how He will use it to bless others. Among many connections I made in one short day was a family who is waiting placement of their son who will be coming to them from China later this month. I saw his picture and to look into his eyes brought me back to the first day I looked into our Ivor’s eyes. There is a reason for all the hype, and its not to bring attention to ourselves but rather bring attention to these dear children, their birthparents, their adoptive parents, and the quiet donors who are simply doing the Lord’s work and acting as His hands and feet. In the end, we are the ones who have been blessed beyond measure, it is us who have the privilege to raise another child of God and as that child sleeps safe and soundly now, my heart is full. We are simply doing what we feel we have been asked to do, and we are thankful for that opportunity and the family and friends to partner and share it with. I can’t wait to blog about adoptive families who have been helped by generous donations to The James Project, and because of that I will write…

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