We do enroll the help of a board of directors to decide on our financial gifts each quarter. We sincerely thank the many people who have and continue to volunteer their services, help and prayer. If you have a gift you feel could benefit the James Project and feel a calling to volunteer your services we would like to connect with you.

Board of Directors Bio

Zach Rogness:  Co-Founder of The James Project, Zach is the people person.  He is quick to tell a joke and likes to make others laugh.  He is honest, personable and works hard to exceed expectations and go the extra mile for his clients through his work in Real Estate.  He loves his family well, and puts their needs above his own.  He is generous and quick to help others in any way he can.  He is passionate about trusting God and works everyday at surrendering control over to the Lord.

Jill Rogness:  Co-Founder of The James Project, Jill is the quiet advocate of those children who are innocent and in need of a loving Christian home, she is so passionate about the cause that stepping out of her comfort zone to speak on their behalf is a risk she is willing to take.  Jill is a freelance artist who is fueled by quiet time creating art.  She and her husband Zach have two biological children and one adopted son.  It is her greatest desire to see them raise up and know the truth of God’s love.

Rebecca Bruning:  Rebecca is willing to try anything and does what needs to be done to see it through to completion.  She is creative, and full of new ideas and marketing tips.  She is mother to four fantastic children to whom she works hard to raise up in the word of God, her love for them is evident in all she does.  She and her husband Troy are active and respected in their church and believe in the Lord’s calling to individuals to act upon His prompts.  She loves music and her 40+ piano students, she is a self employed marketing professional with a creative free spirit, and an advocate for living a healthy lifestyle.

Marc Grams:  Because he was adopted himself, he understands the heartache and joys associated with the process.  He is a successful business man and father of two beautiful children.  He is grounded in his faith and is a solid believer who communicates his convictions through his actions.  He is articulate with his words and has a creative mind, he is good and making connections and listening to others.    Being a gifted musician, he understands the power of worship and praising someone bigger than ourselves.  He also loves a good campfire and sailing.

Kim Sundve:  Kim is mom to over 30 foster children throughout the years, two adopted daughters and one biological son.  She has a heart for adoption and understands God’s hand in it.  She knows the system and the processes, she is a wealth of information for the board, who can appreciate the adoptive families struggles and triumphs.  She is a ball of energy, outgoing, hardworking and just plain fun.  Grounded in her faith, she is a prayer warrior for all those seeking God’s assurance as they step out in faith to adopt a child.  She surrounds herself with children each day working at a child care center.

Sara Tibbits:  Sara is extremely reliable and if she says she will do something you can be sure she will do it, and do it well.  She is so very trustworthy, grounded in her convictions, and organized.  She is the mother of teen boys who she admires and supports with all her being.  She is a dedicated wife who enjoys running, reading, a good cup of coffee and watching her boys wrestle.  She comes from an extended family who is passionate about adoption and adores two nieces who came to her through miracle of adoption.