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Because of our loving and generous Father in Heaven and those who have given themselves over the past few months. The James Project was able to bless three families with a combined total of $3,500.  The money that you, our faithful supporters, have given aided those three families with lawyer fees, agency fee, travel or medical expenses.  Thank you!  Here is one family’s heartfelt note to you who continue to support the James Project!

Dear James Project Family,

We are writing to express our sincere gratitude for the generous grant you have given to our family. As a family we long-ago questioned how we would build our family through adoption, and we wondered about God’s plans for us. We knew His plans were great, and over the past nine years, we have seen again and again how God is with us filling our lives with the support we’ve needed to adopt multiple times. Our boys were adopted from Minnesota (Aaron age 5 and Caleb age 8) and our daughters are both from China. They both will turn two in May. Annalise came home in July 2016, and Emmalyn will be home very soon. Her adoption has been a medical expedite, which we never expected, and that has made it much more challenging to raise fund and save money on our own.

We hoped after we left China this past summer when we were there to adopt Annalise that we would be back to adopt again as soon as God led us to. The need we saw; it was overwhelming. We prayed and decided we would keep an eye on waiting children for the next few years with the hope that God would help us find our next child if we were meant to adopt again. To be honest, almost every morning after we got back from China, our greatest, deepest prayer to God was that He use us, that He show us the way to walk, that He would bless us with another adoption journey. We prayed fervently every single day, “God please use us; we are willing.”
We were shocked when we saw our new daughter’s picture on a waiting child posting only five months after coming home from adopting Annalise. We prayed, we questioned, and we worried about affording a fourh adoption. We worried about future medical care expenses. We prayed. Ultimately, we knew that if God was leading us down this path again so soon, we’d find a way to afford it. Our daughter’s medical needs are great, and when we saw her, we both just knew that we were her family. On adoption advocacy groups we have seen many times very little kids who have the medical needs with huge unknowns and the certainty of upcoming surgical care wait and wait. They wait so long that their conditions worse. When we saw Emmalyn we just knew that she was not going to wait; we were not able to let that happen. She wasn’t going to wait because there was no way we could say no to bringing her home. She was ours and we knew this with a certainty that could only come from the peace God gives us when we follow His will. We are still so very nervous and we ask for your continued prayers.

With all of our hearts we thank you for being part of our adoption journey.

Mike, Angie, Aaron, Caleb, Annalise Lu, and Emmalyn Yao

Please visit the Matiash Family on their website to follow their adoption story at – it will humble and bless your day.

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